Teamwork Against The Coronas!

Back six months after the second issue, this Sciences Mag Junior entitled Teamwork against the Coronas!  provides answers and explanations that are accessible to all, in order to better understand how a vaccine works, how variants appear and the importance of collective immunity. True to its playful and educational tone, this edition brings scientific explanations within the reach of the greatest number of people, in line with previous issues.

Together Against The Coronas!

In order to help parents, grandparents, uncles, matrons and teachers find the answers to the most important scientific questions facing children, La Liberté has published its second Science Mag Junior magazine, Together against  the Coronas!  In this issue, children and families are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety.

No Mercy for the Coronas!

On its 107th anniversary, La Liberté released its first-ever children’s science magazine, Science Mag Junior No mercy for the Coronas! about COVID-19, with high-profile partners in medical research, science popularization, information, communication and visual arts. The objective of this first issue: to explain how the human body functions when attacked by viruses.

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